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Sunday, 12 September 2010 12:38 p.m.

hi room 16

i'm in america at the moment.
we had a very long flight and we were very tired especially my mum.
today i went to disneyland (on saturday) and going there tomorrow too.
At my hotel there is a pool and i've been doing that quite a lot.
next time i will send some photos

hope that's help full

hi guys Today i went to hollywood and sore the hollywood sign and the walk of fame my favourites were bugs bunnymichael jacksonand eddie murphywe also went to beverly hillsremember on wednesday i'm america and going to englandlook at these photos there pretty cool (I'll send you them on my e-mail) -Star.jpg-Briar2.jpg- here its still wednesday. at 9:00 american time i'll be heading to englandthats a 11 hours and 30 minute flight but when we were coming to americathat was a 12 to 13 hour flight i think anyway, Mr Oades did you get my photos?and if you are changing the production dance if you could please tell meand while were on that subjet i was thinking that we should were hats or caps with our outfit i think that might be cool. p.s tell me all about the newspapper briar
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