Term 4 Week 8 Homework Tasks

This week's homework involves some lateral thinking. You need to get the question sheet from Mr Oades. Good luck!

Term 4 Week 7 Homework Tasks

Some maths and writing activities for you this week. Complete on your wiki page or on paper.

WALT know the place value of numbers and decimals.

How many tens in 56, 249, 1,380, 34,012?

Add 10
Add 100
Add 1,000





How many tenths in all of 0.4, 1, 3, 16, 148, 45.7?

Extra for experts:

How many hundredths in all of 4, 18.3, 173.05?

How many ten thousandths in all of 0.3, 5.08, 864,376.984?

WALT thinking creatively

Write 3 possible explanations for

A zookeeper running down the street holding an empty guitar case.

Term 4 Week 6 Homework Tasks

This week your homework, in addition to learning your basic facts and spelling words, is to create a Christmas decoration for the Room 16 stocking which will be hung in the Torbay Shopping Centre in December. It can't be too big - remember how big the stocking is. Think of Christmas shapes like trees, stars, presents, santas, angels, reindeers, candy canes, baubles and so forth but not a picture of Robin C and Christian on Santa' knee.

Term 4 Week 5 Homework Tasks

This week your homework is to write a poem. It can be in the style of your choosing. We have been practising writing couplets and free verse poems recently so you could try one of these. You could also write a cinquain poem or a diamante poem.

Can you please write a comment about our newspaper on the Room 16 Express page? Thanks.

Term 4 Week 3 Homework Tasks

Continue to practise your spelling words and basic facts.

Read The Room 16 Express

Practise your dance moves for the show item... not long to go now!

Term 3 Week 7 and 8 Homework Tasks

This week you need to learn your spelling for the Spell-A-Thon taking place on Friday 3rd September.

You also need to create a design for the Watercress Tuna programme on the template that has been given out in class. These are the rules of the competition:

  • You need to write your name above the title.
  • Use the space effectively and consider the size and clarity of your drawing.
  • The drawing is to be done in the space below the title - no drawing over the printed words.
  • Do the drawing in pencil and then go over it in thin black felt tip of black pen (not thick pen).
  • We will vote on them at the end of Week 8.

Term 3 Week 6 Homework Tasks

This week you are focused on learning your spelling words for the Spell-a-thon.

No one brought in the activity below last week so I'm posting it again (effort will be rewarded):

Time Lines
Make an illustrated time line of what happens to one of the book characters during a story. Add captions to the illustrations.

Term 3 Week 5 Homework Tasks

Mrs Isaacs has put together this document about the Statistics investigation you have been carrying out. Your final job is to present the data that has already been collected and analysed. Click on the icon and download the document to see some examples that Mrs Isaacs has completed.

This week is Book Week. There will be book related activities and competitions all week. Remember to dress as a book character on Thursday. Please complete this activity on a book you have read recently:

Time Lines
Make an illustrated time line of what happens to one of the book characters during a story. Add captions to the illustrations.

Term 3 Week 4 Homework Tasks

First of all, a big congratulations to all of your for your fantastic efforts writing and delivering speeches last week. They were entertaining, informative and thought provoking. Thank you very much.

This week's homework centres around Maths Week.

Visit the official Maths Week website and log on using the pw and username given to you by Mr O and Mrs Isaacs. On this sight you will find daily problems, games and activities which will give you points that can earn you prizes.

Who will be the most successful participant in Room 16?

Term 3 Weeks 2 and 3 Homework Tasks

Your homework this week is to write and then practise a 3 minute speech.
You will deliver the speech to Room 16 on Thursday 5 August (which also happens to be Kim's birthday).

Your speech topic is up to you. You might like to persuade, entertain and/or inform the audience about something you are passionate about.

Here is the marking criteria that the judges will use:

If you have any questions please see Mr Oades as soon as possible.

As usual, practise your spelling and times tables when you have time.

Term 3 week 1 Homework Tasks

Your first task this week is to create a fraction problem to share with the class on Friday.
Your second task is to click on this links to practise your punctuation and grammar skills:

Add Speech Marks

Term 2 Week 8 and 9 Homework Tasks

This fortnight's homework task is to complete your Weebly Inquiry site.

You need to ensure your information answers the question you set out to investigate. Everything on the site must be in your own words. Don't forget to include references for books and sites where you found information.

If you have any questions please come and see me.

Continue to learn your 7 and 8 times tables and your spelling words.

Term 2 Week 6 and Week 7 Homework Tasks

In term three, you will be involved in preparing and presenting a speech for entry into the Long Bay Primary Speech Competition. In order to give you the opportunity to practise using your research and presenting skills before next term, your homework is to prepare a talk for presentation to the class. The presentations will need to be ready to share on Wednesday of Week 8.

This term we are focusing on 'Heroes of the Past'.

Your task is to select an influential person from the last 100 years and find out why they were important. It may be someone involved in...
Politics: eg Gandhi J.F.K Michael Joseph Savage
Science, Medicine, Industry: eg Ernest Rutherford Albert Einstein Darwin
Art and Fashion: Pablo Picasso Coco Chanel
Music and Dance: Fred Astaire Frank Sinatra The Beatles Julio Bocca
Literature and Philosophy: Katherine Mansfield George Orwell J.K. Rowling J. R. R. Tolkien
Film: Charlie Chaplin Steven Spielberg Peter Jackson
Sport and Speed: George Nepia Jean Batten John Walker Peter Snell Valerie Vili

Use the following suggestions to help you to plan an interesting presentation. Remember, you are preparing a spoken report and although you may use cue cards to assist your memory during the presentation, you must not read them directly.

You will be assessed on:
Preparation, Confidence, Sequence - beginning, middle, end, Interest - content, use of examples, diagrams, charts, books, artefacts
Clarity - the speed at which you speak, whether you are making sense, Projection - how loud your voice is, can everyone hear you?
  • Name of person
  • When/where they were born/died
  • Background - family
  • What they are known for / what influence they have had on the present - describe events leading to this.
  • Awards received if any
  • The effect their achievements have had on others
  • Your opinion of this person
  • A question you would like to ask this person if it were possible
  • How things might be different if this person had not achieved so highly in their specialist area

If you have any questions please ask.
Please continue learning your spelling words and times tables.

Term 2 Week 4 and Week 5 Homework Tasks

Check out these interactive activities to introduce you to plate tectonics and the earth's crust:

crusty stuff
plate action
the lab

Write an explanation about the earth's crust or plate tectonics. Remember to use the correct structure for an explanation (see www.writingfun.com).

Then visit this activity from Te Papa and see if you would be prepared for the big one!

Continue learning your times tables and spelling. You will be quizzed on your 8x tables this week.


Term 2 Weeks 2 & 3 Homework Tasks

This week you are to comment on other students' Hero presentations. Go to the comments box on their Hero page and enter your comment. Try and be positive and comment on the good things they have achieved. You can put in the Room 16 email address (room16lbp@gmail.com) to register your comments - please remember to type in your first name only.

Your next task is to comment on this term's voicethread topic which is about Auckland's volcanic field. Click on the link , log in using the room16lbp@gmail.com email address and remember to change the identity to your name. If you haven't got an identity please see me.

Lastly, remember to continue practising your basic facts, including your times tables, and spelling words.

Week 9 Homework Tasks

This week you need to finish off wiki related work. Please make sure you have completed the following:

  • Published your recount on your writing page.
  • Completed your 'Hero' presentation and uploaded it to your page.
  • Entered your story into the writing competition

Also remember to practise your 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x tables for the test on Thursday.

If you want to practise your typing please visit Dance Mat Typing and work your way through the levels.

Week 8 Homework Tasks

This week you are to complete an author study. Research the author of one of your favourite books and try to answer these questions:

Who is s/he?

What kind of books does s/he write?

Where are his/her stories set usually?

Who encouraged her/him to become a writer?

How old was s/he when s/he began to write?

Where does s/he currently live?

Does s/he still write?

Are there any elements from the author’s life that appear in their stories?

What is the author’s writing style? Do they normally write in first person? Third person?
Do they write a specific genre? E.g. Picture books, fairytales, humorous.

Are there any other similarities between the author’s books? Think about settings, characters and plot twists

Use this website to help you research. Please make a new "Author Study" page on your wiki to present your work (make sure you put your name before Author Study... eg Dan's Author Study).

Also check out the new spelling websites to help you learn your words. Please continue to learn your basic facts. Check out the maths page for some good maths activities to support you with these. You will be tested on your 4x tables next week.

Week 7 Homework Tasks

This week you are able to enter a writing competition which could get you $50 plus the chance to have your story published and illustrated.

To enter click here

The code to enter for our class is DAL100

You can save your writing as a document and upload it or you can write it out on paper and post it to the address on the website. Your story has to be 300 words or less.

Don't forget to learn your ten spelling words and practise your basic facts for the week. I will also be testing your 3x tables soon so brush up on those at home. I would also like your recounts published on your writing page this week please.

Week 6 Homework tasks

This week you need to create an advertisement for our "Block Knock-Down" stall at the gala.
It can be an online poster which we can put on this website or a paper poster which we can put behind the stall on the day or around the school to advertise our game.
It should be
- simple yet effective
- easy to read
- informative
- persuade people to play the game - this is the most important thing of all!

The game will be $0.50 for 3 balls and the object will be to knock down all of the wooden blocks to get a prize.

Please remember to look around your house for any old toys or goods which will do for prizes. We need as many as possible.

Other tasks:
Finish publishing your recount
Practise your basic facts and spelling words.

Week 5 Homework tasks:

This week you need to write a review and put it on the 'Room 16's Reviews' page. You can review anything but remember the 'recipe'...

Title or name of the thing you are reviewing. Also put your name i.e "Reviewed by _"
Technical information about the thing you're reviewing eg publisher, film company, length of movie, location of restaurant, maker of toy etc.
A brief summary of the plot, menu, game etc.
A description of the characters, food, materials used etc.
A picture of the thing you are reviewing. If it's a movie is there a trailer on youtube? Look for images on google.
What is your opinion of the thing you are reviewing? Back up your opinion with well thought out reasons. Give examples.
Who would you recommend it to? Why? Once again give examples.

The trick with a review is to tell the audience enough about the thing you’re reviewing to convince them to experience it themselves (or not), but not enough to ruin the experience for them.

If your glog has not been put on your page yet please try and add it yourself or come and see Mr O for assistance.

Basic Facts Practise

Download these files to practise your basic facts. Save them on your computer so you can reuse them.

These are excel spreadsheets which you can insert answers into to see if you're right. At the end when you close the sheet don't save the changes.

These are PDF files which you can print out at home. Practise your basic facts in the car, at the beach or wherever you like.

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