Fractions Activities.

Introduction to fractions - click on the link to visit this BBC site which goes over the basics.

Some of the polyhedrons we made in class:

A maths dictionary for kids! - Not sure what that maths term means? Click on this link for help!

Mathnavox - Maths lessons for those who like TV! (Year 5 level)

Spy Guys - Become an agent and learn about decimals at the same time!

Solve one of these problems to win $1,000,000. (The problems are on the right side of the page eg the Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer Conjecture and you will probably need to study maths at university to solve one but it's good to have goals right?)

Comparing numbers - practise your place value knowledge with these quizzes and game.

Maths baseball - use your facts to score runs.

Matho 1 - challenge yourself or up to 3 friends to see who can solve the equations first.

Matho 2 - challenge yourself or up to 3 friends to see who can solve these harder equations first.

Boom Maths - see what level you can get to in this entertaining maths game.

Times Tables Challenge - practise your tables and then challenge yourself against the clock.

Ratios activity and quiz - a ratio activity for Prisms.

Timed basic facts - do as much as you can in 2 and 1/2 minutes.

Try these matching games:
2x Table
3x Table
4x Table
5x Table
6x Table
7x Table
8x Table
9x Table
Target Practise
Multiplication to 25 e.g. 5 x 5
Multiplication to 45 (e.g. 5 x 9)
Multiplication to 81 (e.g. 9 x 9)

To download Timez Attack click on this link and download the game. WARNING: It is 52 Mb so ask your parents before downloading it.

The Multiplier - practise solving double digit times single digit equations.

Guess Your Number - a fun little trick - how do they do it?

Digistore activities:

You will need the digstore login details from Mr O to access these.

Filling glasses - Examine the relationship between the shape of a glass and the time taken to fill it with juice. Notice that the fluid level rises more quickly in a narrow glass than in a wide glass. Choose the glass shape that matches a line graph representing its filling rate.

Create the right glass - Part two of this algebraic series.

The part-adder - practise breaking numbers into parts and making tidy tens so it is easier to solve.

The difference bar - make up your own subtraction problems.

Decimaster 1 - learn to identify decimals and watch your points go up!

Decimaster 2 - learn to identify decimals on more tools and watch your points go up!

Decimaster 3 - the fun continues!

Wishball Whole Numbers - WALT use place value when adding and subtracting.

Wishball tenths - practise identifying tenths.

Wishball hundredths - practise identifying hundreths

Wishball tournament - put your skills to the test!

Shape maker 1 - and Shape maker 2 - make 2D shapes into 3D shapes by spinning and extruding.

Stacker - predict what the 3D shape will look like after you have made it.

The Maths Architect Challenge

Design a school

Swamp survival: hundredths challenge - help the boy get across the river

Swamp survival: thousandths challenge - as above but slightly harder.

Mix Up 1 - equal sizes

Mix Up 2 - different sizes