4 March 2010
The book - Charlie Small
Review by Ben Clarkson
Published in Great Britain by David Fickling Books

A collection of stories about a boy who goes on an adventure around the world. He always carries humbugs in a bag and manage's to escape many dangerous situations.

I rate this book 9 out of 10.

I recommend it to everyone from 5 to 70.


Wednesday 3 March
This is a great book to read if you like adventures. Jenny Nimmo uses lots of interesting metaphors and similies. It has dark magic, unicorns, battles and a mysterious Castle

It is a book you will enjoy!

3 March 2010
Lego Adventures Of Clutch Powers
Film By Lego
Review by Matt C
This movie is about 78 minutes

This whole movie is based on Lego as Clutch Powers and his team set off on their first adventure together as a team.
Clutch Powers, who is Famous, has had many adventures before as this movie starts you right in the middle of his
adventure to gain power back to the city.

external image 61qfyL8k5VL._SS500_.jpg

Brilliant movie. I love it 10/10 for me . All Lego lovers would love this.I recommend it for people that like action/adventure movies
and children or adults 7 and up.

3 March 2010

Reviewed by: Max Dowson

Captain Underpants and the Big, Bad, Battle of the Bionic Booger Boyexternal image images.jpeg

Publisher: Scholastic
Author: Dave Pilkey

A guy does a science project and he ka-booms it on himself so he turns into a bionic booger man. George and Harold make comic books that make fun of him being in Jail.

Characters: George, Harold, Mr Krupp, Mrs Ribble and Melvin./
external image images.jpegexternal image images.jpeg
It is great. I would give it 7 out of 10. I would recommend it to everyone in every school because it makes people laugh. George and Harold change signs around to say silly things like 'Pick your noses!' and everyone does it.
external image images.jpeg

March 2010
Diary of a wimpy kid
Do-it-yourself book
By Jeff Kinney

This book is fantastic! I like it how you get to draw your own comics and write in it,its so cool.In one part of the book you get to write what you would take with you if you got stranded on a island for the rest of your life. It asks what music,video games,books and movies you would take. You can write the best holiday you had, and make your own greeting cards. I would give this book 9 out of 10. I think this book should be for 8 years and over. BY Riva Masters

2 March 2010
Sonic Unleashed/Sonic World Adventure (Japan) Review by Kimberley P
Published by SEGA
Developed by Sonic Team and Dimps (Wii/PS2 Day time level design)
Platforms: PS2, PS3, Xbox360, Wii
Engine: Hedgehog Engine (PS3/Xbox360), Modified internal engine (PS2/Wii)
Soundtrack: Planetary Pieces Sonic World Adventure Orginal Soundtrack

"A planet sized jigsaw puzzle? Sounds like a great excuse to see the world!" - Sonic.

The story starts with a beautiful opening movie in which Sonic has found Eggman's base and transformed into Super Sonic! When Sonic and Eggman met, Eggman suddenly lies about turning good and captures the hegehog taking his super transformation and using a cannon to split the Earth! And it's so powerful it took away the energy from the Chaos Emeralds! Sonic now a 'werehog' gets plunged to Earth with the dead emeralds and lands in Apotos falling on this creature, making it lose it's memory, they soon became friends and when the sun rose Sonic went back to his normal look and named the creature 'Chip'. Now Sonic and his new friend try to recover his memory and put the Earth back toghter with the help of his friends!

Sonic is a Hedgehog with a attutude! He is VERY impatient and is never in the same spot for too long.
Eggman has the same plan everytime but does it in a diffrent way each time: Creating his utopia, Eggman Land!
Chip is a creature who loves chocalate and ice cream! He is very friendly.
'Tails' is Sonic's best friend whose real name is Miles Prower. He is very young and smart and is good with mechanics.
Amy is always after Sonic, as soon as she laid eyes on him!
Sonic the Werehog is Sonic's nightime look, new ablites such as strechy arms come in handy for the werehog.
Prof. Pickle is a resident of Spagoina and helps Sonic and friends on their journey.
Dark Gaia has been around since the begining of time. Since the Earth split open, reviling Dark Gaia, lots of people at night have been a bit werid.

There are two types of gameplay: day and night stages which both requie getting to the end as fast as you can.
Day stages (as Sonic) let you go at super sonic speeds, getting many points or fatest time depending on what version you've got.
Night stages (as werehog) trade speed for combat. While you still go a bit fast it mainly involves a little puzzle solving and fighting enemies with upgradible stats. Get to the end as fast as you can!

I was going to have a video I made of Spagonia's day stage on PS2 but the file is to large, so here's a day stage picture from the internet:

external image sonic_unleashed.jpg-I really enjoy Sonic Unleashed, as it has a good stotyline, awesome music and fun challenges and extras.
The thing I don't like is how hard Eggmanland is. But before I made some edits to this page I was lucky to get past one of them!
I would reconmend this to 9 and ups because it does have some scary bits, some puzzles and hard levels.

Review by Dante Becker
Shadow the Hedgehog, who is he...?
Well, you're about to find out about the game.
He is the ultimate life form, created to unleash imortalness.
First of all it's a PGMild violence game...I dont think so.
This game has a lot of guns, but who cares. All action gamers will love what they have purchased.
So it starts of with Shadow having a flash back of his true love dying called Maria.

here is a picture of Maria.

external image 592332-095mariaqy2_large.jpg

Then all of a sudden the city was burning down,then this black floating eye flew in front of him. Then an ugly monster, known as the
Black Arms, appears.

"Shadow...As you can see, the day of reckoning will soon be here.find the SEVEN chaos emeralds and bring them to me

as promised
And in a flash he was gone! Here is a picture of the Black Arms.

So that's how the journey begins, but is the Black Arms realy his master?
This is what I think: the game has great controls, lots of action, but fails on glitches.
So you have to find the CHAOS EMERALDS, right? but it isn't some random game get through and done. There is a path to choose from,
normal, dark, pure dark, hero, pure hero.But to complete it you have to complete all paths,WOW REALY HARD ah...no
I haven't completed it myself, but managed to get through!
The cool thing is you get CHAOS BLAST and CHAOS CONTROL! And if you've got a gun of some sort and you've got any of those two and don't use it, you get unlimited ammo for a period of time.
Hope you enjoyed my review!
Here is a picture of Shadow the Hedgehog


Wednesday 3 March

Dont look now by Lauran Child (a book)

This story is great it hooks you in right at the start. Don't look now is a adventure story and a comedy i loved it. This stort is about a girl called Clarice Bean who reads booky called Ruby Redford the twist of the story is when Clarice wins two tickets to see a movie but his friend Betty Moody is leaving town and he was going to invite betty to watch the movie with her.....
external image ImageHandler.ashx?w=200&q=9781846160493


Nims Island (a DVD)
Reviewed by Emma Hall
This movie was made by Universal Studios
and is 92 minutes long. It is PG.

The movie starts with Nim and her dad on an island alone and they call it there secret island!! This story has some scary bits in it and some nice bits in it and a LOT!! of of funny bits in it!! There is one part when Nim's dad goes away for two nights and Nim has great adventures with her animal friends. But do those adventures fall to dust? Find out!! Nims friends are all animals, she does not go to school. Nim is a kind and caring person!! Her dad is a scientist and her mum died in a whales mouth!! She has a favourite book by Alex Rover. A great hero!! Alex Rover comes to Nim but Alex Rover isn't who Nim thinks he is!! Nim is a positive girl who loves nature!! Here is a DVD:

I love this DVD because I love adventorous storys they are so fun!!
I recommend this movie to children 7 and older because there are some scary bit in it and some sad bits in it. THIS MOVIE IS 10/10!! (Nim is a HERO!!)


Thursday 4 March 2010
review on Piking up Toad from the air port By Kira Corbeau
we drove to the air port to go fetch Toad the puppy. we arrived and we had a cup of coffee and then we saw the people that we were looking for they had two children (toddlers), the mother was a bit porky and the father was tall! they had this small animal travel case with them and as we looked in we saw this small black thing cowering at the back! I thought "is that Toad he is so small! "
But he is the cutest thing but he is so naughty. He is now 5 months old.

Oliver Knott's book review

Diary of a wimpy kid: Dog days

This is a awsome book i got for my birthday.
It's about a boy named Greg and it's the holidays, you would of expected all kids to be outside playing in the sun well not Greg he prefers staying in doors playing video games with the curtains closed.
So the story's about Greg heaps of wacky things happen in the story like going starting up a lawn mower buisness to getting bored to death on a summer house at the beach with No electronics.

Greg: not your average kid but he loves video games he has two brothers Rodrick [the oldest] and Manny [the youngest]
Rowely:Greg's best friend Rowely is quite weird he would rather choose a box of chocolate-covered raisins then going to a video game championships
Mum:As you probely guessed she is Greg's mum she always is trying to make the family go to the pool's to have some family fun and she is always right
Rodrick: Rodrick is Gregs oldest brother Rodrick loves playing the drums and tries to annoy Greg anyway possible

Here is a picture of the front cover of the book

external image Diary_of_a_Wimpy_Kid_Dog_Days-61262.jpg

My opinion of the book is that i think it's really cool, and funny its a very fun book and enjoyable for the reader

I recomed this book to 7 and up

By the way there making a movie of this soon

This was a book review by:OliverKnott

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